Updating to 3.0.0

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The first Switch Homebrew Launcher has been released. It only runs on 3.0.0.

You must have an update game. This is a game used to update to a specific firmware version. We need to update to 3.0.0, so we recommend a cartridge of Pokken Tournament DX. Running this game should update you to 3.0.0, however be careful as some very recent copies come with 3.1.0. Here’s how to tell the difference.


  1. Open System Settings and navigate to “Airplane Mode”
  2. Enable Airplane Mode
  3. Hold down the “Power” Button
  4. Reboot while holding down Volume + and Volume -
  5. Insert your update game cartridge into the Switch
  6. Run the game
  7. Update to 3.0.0 when prompted
  8. Open System Settings and navigate to “Airplane Mode”
  9. Disable Airplane Mode

Homebrew Launcher